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A-Abra-Key-Dabra is your reliable locksmith in Fort Lauderdale.

Abra-Key-Dabra Home Security and Protection

The security of your home is something that should not be taken lightly. Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services is completely dedicated to helping our customers chose various options to make their home more secure. Did you accidently lock yourself out of your home? Call us before you go breaking a window. We also offer installation and rekeying of locks like deadbolts, keyless entry, digital and sliding glass door locks. We offer upgrades for any type of locks from a common lockset to a maximum security bump resistant door lock. Deadbolts, sliding door locks, handle sets, levers and electronic entry systems are commonly in need of adjustments. We will give you the highest quality selection of brand named products & services.


5430 N.W. 33rd Avenue, Suite 102,

Fort Lauderdale,

FL 33309




Mon - Fri  8:00am - 5:00pm

Fort Lauderdale, A-Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Fort Lauderdale

A-Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith services of Fort Lauderdale offer everything for your home security needs. Everyday local residents are discovering the speed and quality of A-Abra-Key-Dabra locksmithing services. Need a lock repair? We do that. Locked out of your home? We can usually get you back in your home in seconds. Need to change all your locks? Consider yourself taken care of. Every locksmith on our team is a licensed and experienced professional. Since 1999, A-Abra-Key-Dabra has consistently proven itself to be one of the leaders in the locksmith industry.

Abra-Key-Dabra Residential Locksmith Products Offered

Areas In and Near Fort Lauderdale We Service                Tel: 954-900 4461

Important Residential Security Alerts

Did you Know: Bump Key Awareness

Most new houses and almost all old houses come standard with locks that can be picked, kicked, pried, or bumped open. A bump key is a modified house key that can open just about any standard door lock in less than 5 seconds. The bump key is inserted into the lock, tapped with a solid object, and the lock will open as if you were using the regular key. YouTube has over 40 videos that explain exactly how to make and use bump keys. Worried?


Abra-Key-Dabra Solution:

1. We can help protect you from intrusions and burglary's. Here are a few ways the experienced staff can help you. We have locks that are pick resistant and bump resistant.  Often pick resistant & bump resistant locks are very expensive. At Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services  we know how  hard you have to work to earn your money. So we now have a less expensive  high security lockset  available to help service customers who have a smaller budget.  What ever your budget to secure your house may be, let  our locksmith EXPERTS get you more security bang for your buck and feel at peace.

Weak Strike Plates Fail Easily When Kicked

Most houses come with locks that have a strike plate on the frame that does not offer much security protection.  This can be devastating to home owners.  Over the many years of being a locksmith in the Orlando and Central Florida Area, we have seen about 80% of the houses have these weak strike plates.

We challenge you to a test:   

1. Get a Phillips screw driver and remove the strike plate on the frame, the one that the deadbolts bolt slides into. (see right)

2. Try to bend the strike plate (It probably bends easily)

The problem with this strike plate is that screws are to small and when you screw the strike plate to the frame it will only screw into the light weight decorative wood. This is a problem because when someone kicks or pries your door it will just break the decorative wood and allow entry.  Now you’re probably thinking to just put install longer screws into the strike plate and you will be safe. If the bendable strike plate is anchored correctly when kicked or pried it will just bend and break just as easy as with short screws.

Bump Resistant Key

A common entry method burglars use is simply kicking the door in

Weak Strike plate

A door with a weak strike plate makes it easy to kick in

Installing heavy duty strike plate with long screws will improve your home security

Installing metal lock reinforcer or heavy duty metal door frame sleeve will provide even more protection

Abra-Key-Dabra Solution:

Option 1.  Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services can install a heavy duty strike plate with long screws and a thick gauge metal construction. The screws will be very long and screw into the stud behind the decorative wood and the strike plate will be equally strong to help against kicks and pries.

Option 2. Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services can install a heavy duty metal sleeve to cover your entire door frame. This product will be anchored with multiple long screws that anchor to the studs behind the decorative wood and provide an even more secure solution.

During uncertain times, your family’s safety and the protection of your home has never been more important. At Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services we provide you with the best security solutions to help protect your family against the threat of home invasion, burglary and forced entry.

Bump Key

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