Residential Locksmith

Safety At Home

Home security is a critical concern for any homeowner. You can do more to insure the safety of your family and your valuables. Here are some tips to help you do a safety inventory on your home:

Lock your doors and windows

Have a night light

Trim trees, hedges and bushes

Home Security

Home security is a very important issue and should be taken very seriously. Here at Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services INC. we are devoted to providing our customers a variety of services for their home. We offer emergency lockouts, install and rekey locks such as deadbolts, keyless entry, digital , and sliding glass door locks just to name a few. Abra-Key-Dabra will upgrade any type of locks from standard un secure lockset to high security (bump resistant) door lock. ( Schlage Primus, High Security door locks), Deadbolts, sliding door locks, handle sets, levers and electronic entry systems are very commonly in need of adjustments. We will give you the highest quality selection of brand named Products & services. During these uncertain times, your family’s safety and the protection of your home has never been more important. At Abra-Key-Dabra Locksmith Services INC. we provide you with the best solutions to help protect your family against the threat of home invasion, burglary and forced entry.

Remember home invasions are like the residential form of a carjacking and unfortunately it is on the rise today. Please check out our website for more information on our products and services that we offer.


Did you Know #1

Most new houses and almost all old houses come standard with locks that can be picked, kicked, pried, or bumped open. ( go to and type in key word bump keys you will see a kid showing people how to make a bump key out of any regular key. In the process you will see him get into any lock in less than 5 seconds.)


We can help protect you from intrusions and burglary’s. Here is a few ways that your Orlando and surrounding area locksmith EXPERT A-Abra-KEY-Dabra Locksmith Services INC. can help you. We have locks that are pick resistant and bump resistant. Often pick resistant & bump resistant locks are very expensive. At A-Abra-KEY-Dabra Locksmith Services INC. we know how hard you have to work to earn your money. So we now have a less expensive high security lockset available to help service customers who have a smaller budget. What ever your budget to secure your house may be let our locksmith EXPERTS get you more security bang for your buck and feel at peace.

Did you know #2

Most new houses and almost all old houses come standard with locks that have a strike plate on the frame that does not give you much security protection. The result of this can be devastating to home owners. Over the years of being a locksmith in the Orlando and Central Florida Area I have seen that about 80% of the houses in the Orlando & the Central Florida Area have these strike plates that give home owners a false sense of security. In fact I am willing to challenge you to a test that I know the answers to already.
Get a Phillips screw driver and remove the strike plate on the frame, the one that the deadbolts bolt slides into. ( see below)
Look at the screws, (I bet they are under a inch long)
Try to bend the strike plate ( I bet you can bend it easily)

The problem with this strike plate is that screws are to small and when you screw the strike plate to the frame it will only screw into the light weight decorative wood. This is a problem because when someone kicks or pries your door it will just break the decorative wood and allow entry. Well I know what you are thinking, your thinking thanks Locksmith Expert I’ll just put long screws into the strike plate and I will be safe. With out knowing about the inferior light gauge strike plate that might seem like a great idea. If the bendable strike plate is anchored correctly when kicked or pried it will just bend and break just as easy as with short screws.


1. A-Abra-KEY-Dabra Locksmith Services can install a heavy duty strike plate with long screws and a thick gauge metal construction. ( The screws will be very long and screw into the stud behind the decorative wood and the strike plate will be equally strong to help against kicks and pries.)

2. A-Abra-KEY-Dabra Locksmith Services can install a heavy duty metal sleeve to cover your entire door frame. ( This Product will be anchored with many long screws that anchor to the studs behind the decorative wood and provide an even more secure solution)